Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is this like Karate?  
All martial arts are similar in some aspects.  Some things will look the same, but Kuk Sool is a hard-soft system, which means we move fluidly and tense only when we have to.  Kuk Sool students are taught to never meet force with force unless there is no other option.  The student is taught to redirect an opponents energy while using circular motions to control the situation.

2.How many times a week? 
Two times a week is plenty, this keeps you interested and keeps you from getting into what martial artists call a burnout phase.

3.Can I lose weight doing this? 
I cannot say that you are guaranteed to lose weight, because every person is different.  Personally I did lose weight when I started, and also toned my body.  But to lose you will have to work hard and always remember that it's not just the workout, but proper dieting helps.

4.Do I need to buy a uniform? 
Yes, you will be required to have a uniform on order within the first week of class.

5.How long until I get my Black belt? 
The minimum required time to make Black belt is three years.  The World Kuk Sool Association sets this time limit.

6.Will I be able to protect myself? 
Yes you will, through proper training and practice. But protecting yourself is not putting yourself in situations where you will have to fight.  Always try to resolve the issue without fighting.

7.What are the age limits?  
Our Children start at a mature 5 up to 12 years old.  The Adults start at 13 and up.  Always remember when starting a new training program you should always consult your physician first.  Also please remember to inform the instructor of any health problems you may have.

8.I have asthma, is that a problem? 
Once again consult your physician, if they say it ok, just remember to bring you inhaler and please let the instructors know your situation.

9.     When can I begin to practice weapons?
You will begin Dong Bong (short staffs) at Red Belt,  Bong (long staff) at Brown Belt and Sword at Black Belt.  There are other weapons also available as you progress.

10.What if I move? Or go on Vacation? 
If you move you may be able to go to find a Kuk Sool school in that area and continue training.  This is a worldwide organization, and you will have an ID card that links you to the organization.  So, if you were to go to another school your rank will be recognized.  If you go on vacation take your uniform in case you are near a Kuk Sool Won school, and when you get back your training will continue where you left off.

Kuk Sool Won  
            of Alamo Heights

Kuk Sool Won  
            of Alamo Heights